World Book Week Share a Story Corner

Friday - Mrs Parker reads Boogie Bear

What a great stoey to end World Book Week. We hope you enjoyed the stories. Remember to keep reading! We look forward to reading with you in school.

Thursday-Mr Whilton celebrates World Book Day with When Jelly had a Wobble

Clifford the dog enjoys this one too! Who will be reading tomorrow I wonder?

Wednesday - Mrs O'Toole reads Slinky Malinki

Who will be reading on World Book Day tomorrow? He will be having some help from his pet dog!

Tuesday - Mr Richardson reads Merry Mr Meddle by Enid Blyton

More stories throughout the week! Can you guess who will be reading tomorrow? Clue - She works in Year 4!

Monday - Mrs Snape kicks off World Book Week with Chilly Billy

Why not listen together as part of a bedtime story? Can you guess which teacher will be reading tomorrow?

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